Found SQL Injection Vulnerability on Government Organization Website!

Last night before going to sleep i make a quick search on google a dork to find vulnerable websites and found some interesting result and from one of those website i found the SQL injection vulnerability & successfully able to exploit and retrieve sensitive information from the MySQL db.

SQL Injection Attack

Here are all the tools i used to find & exploit the SQLi Vulnerability:

Google Dork, Burpsuite, Sqlmap

Lets discuss in details, On google search engine i search a dork :


i found some interesting results, From one of those search results i found a website, I can not disclose the original website URL. Lets call it, on that website i found a interesting parameter which is vulnerable for for Sql injection.

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SQL Injection Error

Then i fire up on my and capture the request and save it in a req.txt text file.

Burpsuite Request Save

If you don’t know how to get into & using you can follow this . To learn Web Application Penetration Testing For Free Follow my .

Burpsuite Request Capture

Now, It’s time to run SQL injection tool with the request file for automatic sql injection attacks. As expected dump all the databases and sensitive information like admin,users, email, md5 hash password.

Sqlmap Exploitation & Commands :

Sqlmap database exploitation

sqlmap -r req.txt -dbs

sqlmap -r req.txt -D db_name — tables

sqlmap -r req.txt -D db_name -T table_name — columns

sqlmap -r req.txt -D db_name -T table_name -C column_name — dump

That’s how i found high severity SQL injection vulnerability on a Government Organization website.



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